Fresh Face Facial Wash: 5th Product from January Rise & Shine Box

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The 5th product reveal for the January Rise & Shine box was Fresh Face Facial Wash from @evolvebeautyuk, the second product to be featured by this brand. 

I don't think Evolve Beauty need much of an introduction in the green beauty world, as they have become a firm favourite with many since they launched their collection in 2015. They create all their products by hand using the finest natural and organic ingredients and superfoods from around the world to give your skin the love and care it deserves.

Fresh Face Facial Wash by Evolve Beauty


The active ingredients in this gorgeously smelling natural face wash are papaya, goji and aloe vera. The main function of the papaya is to act as a natural exfoliator, as it contains the enzyme papain which works to remove dead skin cells gently. Goji berries are a superfood packed with vitamin C and fight free radicals, thus reducing the signs of ageing. Lastly, aloe vera is a great moisturiser and skin soother. Combine all these ingredients and you have the perfect combo! The one thing I love about @evolvebeautyuk's products, is that they always smell so amazing! This one is so refreshing, cleanses your skin really well and you only need a small squirt! I use this on my face each morning and the gorgeous aroma instantly awakens you from your groggy state and uplifts your mood, ready for the challenges of the day ahead. Another product I would highly recommend. 

You can get this facial wash along with 5 other amazing green beauty products in the January Rise & Shine box. The subscriptions for this box are now closed but if you would like to purchase this as a "one off" gift box, I still have a limited number available to buy in our store here.

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