Pick & Mix Box £20 - 3 Month Prepay
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Pick & Mix Box £20 - 3 Month Prepay

Regular price £57.00

Prepay for 3 x £20 Pick and Mix boxes and you will receive a box with 4 products each month, for 3 months.

Each month you will need to email hello@thenaturalbeautybox.co.uk with your product choices and they will be posted out to you. 

The first box will be sent out when you place the initial order and email your product choices. The 2nd and third boxes will recur exactly one and two months after the date of your initial order. You will receive an email when the renewals occur, so you will then need to choose your products by email.

How it works:

1. Choose ONE item from categories 1 & 3.

2. Choose TWO items from category 2.

3. Email hello@thenaturalbeautybox.co.uk with your choices & order number.

4. Your box will posted out to you within 1-2 working days.

Category 1

A. Ezape Naturals Orange & Neroli Body Butter £22

B. New Eden Skincare Lemon & Neroli Body Scrub £15

C. BAO Skincare Restorative Beauty Oil £27

D. Kathleen Naturals Dead Sea Mud Clay Mask £19

E. Ovviovita Hair & Brow Oil £20

F. Skyn Bakery Beauty Infused Solid Serum £24.99

G. No Secrets Four Shower Cream £25 - only 1 available!

H. Nakin Eye Cream Complex £18

I. PHB Ethical Beauty - Balance Blemish Gel £22

Category 2

A. Organii SPF15 Facial Sun Cream £14.95

B. Bella Pierre Vegan Shimmer Powder £10 (either shades Exite, Antiqa, Reluctance)

C. Crown Soaps Capitol Body Butter Mint & Grapefruit £13

D. Grace & Hartland Facial Cleansing Oil £9.50

E. Dalia Botanique Sea Buckthorn Face & Body Butter £12

F. Hebe & Blu Frankincense & Gold Bath Salts £12.99

G. Object Beauty Moisturising Shampoo Bar £14

H. Grace and Hartland Sensual Body Oil £7.50

I. Bloom & Blossom Dry Body Oil £12 - only 1 available!

J. Chapiteau MT Sleep Oil £9

K. Maggie Ann Nail Polish £10.98 (shades Keeley, Rebecca or Victoria)

L. Diya Wellness Relaxing Bath Salts £8

M. Grace & Hartland Merry & Bright Face Mask £10

N. Geoscentrics Cube Unwind Candle £12 (no longer available)

O. Hairy Jayne Citrus Shampoo Bar £9 - only 1 available!

P. Sintra Naturals Camellia Nourishing Hair Serum £10

Q. Ben & Anna Cinnamon Natural Tooth Powder £10

R. Kitenest Lemon & Lime Salt Scrub £10 - only 1 left!

Category 3

A. Wild Nettle Co Natural Soap £3

B. Friendly Travel Soap £2.75

C. Aructs Shop Natural Lavender & Rosewood Leaf Soap £5.49

D. Ecovibe Cotton Buds £4.99

E. The Magic Lab Lavender Deeper Sleep Bath Bomb £3.50

F. Sonestia Blood Orange Lip Balm £5

G. Natura Turmeric Infused Sheet Mask £3.95

H. FRUU Colour Balm - Strawberry Creme £5

I. Melitta Skincare Face Oil for Oily & Combination Skin (5ml) £9.50

J. Organii Cream Soap, Green Tea & Lime - only 1 available!

K. Friendy Soap Detox Bar - Rosemary & Lime £2.95

L. Organic Works Bergamot Shower Gel 100ml £6

M. Organic Works Cleansing Face Wash with Rose Geranium & Aloe Vea £6

N. Made by Coopers Eucalyptus & Rosemary Bath Salts £5

O. Upcircle Soap Cinnamon and Ginger Soap £4.99


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