Pick & Mix Box £20
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Pick & Mix Box £20

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NEW! Pick & Mix box!

How it works:

1. Choose ONE item from categories 1 & 3.

2. Choose TWO items from category 2.

3. Place order for £20 with FREE shipping.

4. Email hello@thenaturalbeautybox.co.uk with your three choices & order number.

5. Your box will posted out to you within 1-2 working days.

*Please note, if you choose more than one item from category 1, this may cause delays to your order as I will have to email you to ask for a different selection.

Category 1

A. Ezape Naturals Orange & Neroli Body Butter £22

B. New Eden Skincare Lemon & Neroli Body Scrub £15

C. BAO Skincare Restorative Beauty Oil £27

D. Kathleen Naturals Dead Sea Mud Clay Mask £19

E. Ovviovita Hair & Brow Oil £20

F. Skyn Bakery Beauty Infused Solid Serum £24.99

G. Urban Veda Radiance Night Cream £19.99

Category 2

A. Organii SPF15 Facial Sun Cream £14.95

B. Bella Pierre Vegan Shimmer Powder £10 (either shades Exite, Antiqa, Reluctance)

C. Crown Soaps Capitol Body Butter Mint & Grapefruit £13

D. Grace & Hartland Facial Cleansing Oil £9.50

E. Dalia Botanique Sea Buckthorn Face & Body Butter £12

F. Hebe & Blu Frankincense & Gold Bath Salts £12.99

G. Object Beauty Moisturising Shampoo Bar £14

H. Grace and Hartland Sensual Body Oil £7.50

I. Bloom & Blossom Dry Body Oil £12

J. Chapiteau MT Sleep Oil £9

K. Maggie Ann Nail Polish £10.98 (shades Keeley, Rebecca or Victoria)

L. Diya Wellness Relaxing Bath Salts £8

M. Grace & Hartland Merry & Bright Face Mask £10

Category 3

A. Cacti Skin Coconut Lip Balm £6

B. Wild Nettle Co Natural Soap £3

C. Aromantic Orange Blossom Hydrolat £6

D. Friendly Travel Soap £2.75

E. Aructs Shop Natural Lavender & Rosewood Leaf Soap £5.49

F. Ecovibe Cotton Buds £4.99

G. The Magic Lab Lavender Deeper Sleep Bath Bomb £3.50

H. Sonestia Blood Orange Lip Balm £5


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