10 Reasons To Subscribe To The Natural Beauty Box

The Natural Beauty Box

Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes? If not, you are missing out on a real treat to yourself. They are the gift that keeps on giving. A lovely surprise in the post and a way to pamper yourself and indulge in a little well deserved "me time" each month. We all deserve that! 

If you are new to beauty boxes, let me first tell you what a beauty box is: a box full of skincare and beauty products which is curated for you and delivered to your door each month. 

A beauty box is an easy, cost effective way to try a variety of luxury skincare and beauty products without spending a fortune. 

The Natural Beauty Box was the first UK beauty box to launch which was exclusively natural + vegan + cruelty free. So not only are we a natural beauty box, we are also a vegan beauty box and a cruelty free beauty box. Three in one! 

Each month, the box contains 4 full or travel size luxury, natural skincare products with a total value over £60. Boxes and products are themed each month. 

The Natural Beauty Box also boasts a quarterly plastic free beauty box which is fantastic for anyone aiming to reduce their plastic waste or striving for a zero waste lifestyle. 

So now you know what a beauty box is, here are 10 reasons why we think you should consider subscribing to The Natural Beauty Box. It is pretty awesome, our subscribers tell us so!

10 Reasons To Subscribe to The Natural Beauty Box. Featuring the Luminosity Collection

1. It's a cost effective way to try new skincare and beauty products. Not all products are suited to our skin, so to spend a small fortune on a product to discover your skin didn't like it would be really frustrating. With The Natural Beauty Box, you can try the products out and if you discover products you love, you can go on re-purchase the products straight from the brands, like many subscribers go on to do. 

2. Convenience. Beauty boxes are very convenient. The Natural Beauty Box will choose the products from the best natural skincare brands, pack them up in our  eco-friendly boxes and deliver them to your door. You don't have to lift a finger! Just sit back and relax and your box will arrive around the same time each month. 

3. It's a lovely treat to yourself each month. Beauty boxes are like having a birthday every month of the year. There is nothing more exciting than the postman arriving with your special delivery for you to open and discover what luxury skincare products are waiting inside for you to try! 

4. The box only contains natural beauty products. Why does this matter? Natural plant based ingredients are the best possible ingredients for the skin. They contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which have many benefits for the skin. They literally feed your skin and give it the nourishment it needs for youthful, healthy glowing skin. 

Lucky Could Skincare Hydrating Super Balm,. Featured in the Luminosity Collection

5. We are a vegan beauty box AND a creulty free beauty box. The natural skincare brands included in our beauty boxes will never test their products on animals. Only on willing humans. Furthermore, the products will never contain any ingredients derived from animals for example milk, honey or beeswax. All the products are 100% vegan beauty products and always cruelty free. 

6. The products are suitable for the majority of skin types. When curating the beauty boxes, products are chosen with all skin types in mind. Whether you have oily or blemish prone skin, dry skin or sensitive skin, the skincare products in our  beauty boxes will mostly be suitable for all skin types. There will obviously be exceptions to this rule, as each subscriber's skin is unique, but we avoid certain ingredients which are known to cause skin irritation. 

7. You can skip a box or cancel your subscription any time, hassle free. We know how frustrating it is being on hold in a queue to a customer service department when you are busy. Well, you won't have that issue with The Natural Beauty Box. You can skip boxes or cancel your subscription from within your account. Simply login and click on manage subscription, then choose from the drop down menu options. Nice and easy, the way it should be.

8. We have a variety of plans to suit various budgets and lifestyles. We have our original monthly beauty box, but have since added bi-monthly and quarterly plastic free options. We have pre-pay options if you want to subscribe for 3 or 6 months for a discounted price. We have one off gift boxes and gift subscriptions. You can view all of our options here

9. Our beauty boxes bring an opportunity to practice self care. In our hectic lifestyles, we often forget to look after number 1. The Natural Beauty Box is the perfect way to relax and unwind while giving your skin some well deserved TLC. 

Niskama Skincare Velvet Shimmer Balm. Featured in the Radiance collection

10. We are planet friendly. In a world where we need to do as much as possible to protect the planet. The Natural Beauty Box, doesn't have any fancy packaging, its eco-friendly and fully recyclable. The products in the boxes come from brands with sustainability at the heart of their products. Using natural, sustainable ingredients, they are usually hand made in small batches giving them low carbon foot prints. We even have the plastic free option to help reduce plastic waste, and we hope as more and more brands switch from plastic packaging we can reduce the amount of plastic in our boxes further. 

So there you go! 10 super duper reasons to subscribe to The Natural Beauty Box. If that wasn't enough to convince you, then why don't you have a read of Beautyfolio's review of our Mother Earth collection (pictured below, photo credit Beautyfolio). 

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The Mother Earth collection. Photo by Beautyfolio


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