Clarity Collection
The Natural Beauty Box

Clarity Collection

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Total Box Value £62

1. Upcircle Beauty Cleansing Face Milk £19.99 - a gentle daily face cleanser with upcycled oat powder that's calming, soothing and effective at removing makeup, dirt, sweat and pollution. Essential for clear, calm, happy skin! 

2. Dr Organic Tea Tree Deep Pore Charcoal Face Mask £7.99 - a purifying face mask that absorbs impurities such as dirt, oil and pollution to give you a clear complexion. Leaves your skin refreshed with deeply cleansed pores. 

3. Freya & Bailey Glad Therapeutic Oils Set £30 - a trio of natural oils blended with essential oils to soothe & invigorate your body and mind. Providing relief from stress, anxiety, muscle pain and more, this set has 3 different scents and oil blends for positivity, relaxation and restoration. 

4. It's The Thought Berry Lip Butter £3.99 - smooth, velvety hydrating lip butter, essential for keeping your lips looking healthy, full and hydrated.

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