Top 10 Green Beauty Brands Discovered Through The Natural Beauty Box in 2018

The Natural Beauty Box

Top 10 Green Beauty Brands 0f 2018


The Natural Beauty Box is such a great way to discover new green beauty brands from around the UK. You also get to try new products for a fraction of the price. This is also a great way to test if products are suitable for your skin. If you go on to discover a product/brand that you LOVE (which all of our subscribers do!), then you can re-purchase the products directly from the brands, or try different products from the brands featured. Often the brands include discount codes within the boxes too!

Ruth (Naturally Northern Beauty) said this after she tried her first box in May: "I’m so impressed with the quality and value of The Natural Beauty Box and I can see why it’s considered to be one of the best beauty boxes out there! I’m loving each product and am keen to explore the ranges of all of the brands included; it’s been a great opportunity to discover many small, artisan brands that I had not tried before. I would not hesitate to recommend The Natural Beauty Box, and will certainly be purchasing plenty of them myself in the future!"

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We asked our subscribers to pick their top 5 green beauty brands discovered through The Natural Beauty Box during 2018. This wasn't an easy task I assure you, as there have been so many amazing discoveries. Subscribers found it difficult to narrow it down to just 5 brands!

However, the poll results are in, and using subscribers top 5 picks, I have put together a list of the Top 10 Green Beauty Brands of 2018 as voted for by subscribers of The Natural Beauty Box. 

1. Myroo Skincare 

Top of the list and a clear favourite with subscribers is Myroo. Founded by Rachael, Myroo was created with sensitive and allergy prone skin in mind and has a gorgeous range of naturally fragranced and fragrance free products, beautifully packaged, to suit everyone's needs. The Natural Beauty Box first featured Myroo in April 17, with their versatile, scrummy award winning Superfood balm. Since then, they have featured twice more with their Skin Boost Facial Serum and their OM Oil (pictured).

Emma (Beautyfolio) wrote this about the OM Oil "It's intensely nourishing on the skin yet non greasy and highly absorbent. The scent is gorgeously light and fresh, with a zesty and herby quality. This product has once again reaffirmed my love of Myroo products as they continually wow me with their high quality and effective skincare products." Read the full review here

Myroo Om Oil | Beautyfolio

Image credit: Emma, Beautyfolio

2. The Ilex Wood

The Ilex Wood were a new discovery in May 2018 with their multipurpose Calendula Salve which quickly won the hearts of so many subscribers as it cured dry patches, soothed sunburn and soothed itchy skin. Nature loving Holly has created a lovely range of natural beauty products and herbal remedies that are reasonably priced and super effective. 

Bryanna (The Ecological) wrote this about the Calendula Salve: "I loved the smell so much when I first opened the tin; I have to say that this is the surprise start of the May edition of The Natural Beauty Box for me. The quality is exceptional.  It is products like this that make subscription boxes so worth it for me -- I might never have discovered The Ilex Wood without The Natural Beauty Box, and that would honestly be a travesty." Read Bryanna's full review here.

Ilex Wood Calendula Salve

Image Credit: Bryanna, The Ecological

3. Skin Alchemists  

The lovely alchemist, Theresa has wowed subscribers 3 times with The Lady Helen, The Gorgeous Soldier and Sessene. Skin Alchemists are a luxury natural skincare apothecary using the power of potent plant alchemy and ancient remedies to create the most gorgeous lotions and potions that truly smell amazing, are a real pleasure to use and work wonderfully on your skin. 

Kay (The Every Rose) wrote "I've made no secret of my adoration for Skin Alchemists. I have their Lady Helen Renewing Facial Nectar which is one of the dreamiest textures of skincare I've ever come across. This makes me think this is exactly where SA specialise, because I now have this Gorgeous Soldier Nourishing Body Scrub, which is yet another stunning combination of natural ingredients. I find their products really empowering and there's a feeling of proudness when you use their skincare, it's been so carefully crafted with your health and wellness in mind - and body!" Read Kay's full review here.

Skin Alchemists The Gorgeous Soldier

Image credit: Kay (The Every Rose)

4. Oilixia

Oilixia pleasantly surprised subscribers in October 18 (Rare Beauty Collaboration box) with their Australian Kakadu Plum Gummy Facial Cleanser. Unlike any other cleanser, with its tacky texture that grips the skin to remove makeup and dirt before transforming into a silky milk that rinses off clean without the need for a cloth. After the reveal went live, orders flooded in and social media went crazy with subscribers excitedly commenting that they 'Can't wait to try this!'

Emma (Beautyfolio) wrote "This has been on my wish list from the moment that it first launched on Rare Beauty as this innovative product, with its unique texture, has endless positive reviews across social media. This is a brand I can’t wait to explore further, as they have certainly excited me with their unique formula that truly changed up my skincare routine." Read Emma's full review here.

Oilixia Skincare Facial Gummy Cleanser

Image credit: Emma (Beautyfolio)

5. Heavenly Organics Skincare 

Heavenly Organics were a fantastic discovery in March 18, with their plastic free Peppermint Foot Balms. They have a fantastic extensive range of reasonably priced skincare and bodycare products, a lot of which is also plastic free! 

Rebecca (Becks Bunny Free Beauty) wrote: "Heavenly Organics are an ethical, organic and vegan company and all their packaging is recycled and recyclable. You can even get 50p off a product by opting for a dented lid! I think I'm in love with this company. This balm is such a novel idea. I've never had a solid bar like this before and frankly it looks so much like a white chocolate that I just wanted to stuff it in my mouth Is it as good as it looks? Yes! " You can read Rebecca's full review here.

Heavenly Organics Foot Balm

Image Credit: Becks Bunny Free Beauty

6. Moksa Skincare

Moksa were another new discovery from May's box; which included their refreshing Wild Rose Toning Mist. I had been stalking them on Instagram for a few months and just had to try them out as I loved their branding and simplicity.  I certainly wasn't disappointed with any of the products I tried and I know many subscribers have gone on to try other products from their range too. 

Emma (Beautyfolio) wrote "Since I’ve been using this mist, I have to say that the redness in my cheeks has calmed down, I’ve experienced no breakouts and my skin generally looks and feels happier. It is also lovely and refreshing to spritz throughout the day, especially during the hot weather, and has helped retain moisture in my skin. Thank you Moksa for creating such a great product – it is already on my repurchase list!" You can read Emma's full review here

Moksa Wild Rose Toning Mist

Image Credit: Ruth, Naturally Northern Beauty 

7. Siskyn Skincare

First featured in August 2017 with their much loved Frankincensce and Jasmine Night Facial Oil, I couldn't possibly say no to including Siskyn again with their amazing Sweet Fennel and Grapefruit Toning Body Oil. A real luxurious treat for your skin and one of my favourite body oils! They have a lovely range of face and body oils, many of which are award winners (and rightly so!)

Bryanna wrote "I am thrilled to bits to finally get to try something from Siskyn, I have been following the brand for ages now, and I have to say the reality is even better than I expected. I have only used it a few times so far, but I have already noticed a difference in my legs and arms which had been pretty dry due to the 'heat wave.'  I really think this bottle will be the way I keep my skin radiant all summer long." Read Bryanna's full review here.

Siskyn Skincare Sweet Fennel & Grapefruit Toning Body Oil

8. Nini Organics

One of my personal favourite discoveries of 2018 are fun loving brother and sister duo Alex and Nicole. I have been watching them grow throughout the year and they are definitely becoming a firm favourite with green beauty lovers everywhere because they make gorgeous effective natural, vegan and organic skincare and have a great time in the process. Their new branding is stunning too! 

Nini featured in July's Zero Waste box with their Natura Face Mask. Hannah ( wrote "after I used this mask, I noticed that my skin looked more radiant and that the inflammation on some of my larger blemishes had been reduced. You can really feel this one working too. ‘Natura Miracle Mask’ truly is an accurate name for this product. Read Hannah's full review here.

Nini Organics Natura Miracle Mask

Image credit: Hannah Rudd

9. Guiltless Skin

Another firm favourite with myself after discovering them in 2017 and with many subscribers is Guiltless Skin. I first tried their Clarity Face Oil in 2017 while expecting with Ronan and it cleared up my awful hormonal breakouts I'd been getting around my chin. I finally got that pregnancy glow!!

Their Illume Moisture serum featured in November's box and i've had so much fantastic feedback about this product already. I can see this becoming a staple in so many skincare routines (as it is now in my own). 

Emma, Beautyfolio wrote "I fell in love with Illume Moisture Serum from the first time I used it, as it is not only protects and strengthens the skin’s barrier but also prevents moisture loss and reduces the appearance of fine lines and pores. I have to say that my skincare routine isn’t complete without this skincare wonder in it." Read Emma's full review here.

Guiltless Skin Illume Moisture Serum

Image credit: Emma, Beautyfolio 

10. Bloomtown 

The amazing Bloomtown have featured in The Natural Beauty Box three times now, most recently in April 18 with their 'The Spring' Blue Clay & Indigo Leaf Face Mask. With beautiful branding and effective palm oil free natural beauty products that smell amazing, I can see why they have grown so quickly into one of the most loved green beauty brands around. Only last week they appeared on The Dragon's Den and despite not getting any investment from the dragon's, they were FANTASTIC! Congratulations guys, you should be super proud of yourselves, with what you have achieved since launching, and The Natural Beauty Box loves you!  You can read all about Bloomtown's Dragon's Den feature here

Bryanna wrote about their mask "I can say with confidence that it is truly something to be excited about.  The formula is thick and has a slight roughness to it when you first apply, but it feels very gentle from start to finish.  Since Bloomtown uses plant glycerin and blue bentonite clay for their base, the mask itself is actually pretty hydrating.  You do not need very much product to cover your face because it spreads so easily and smoothly, so this little jar will last upwards of thirty uses and with this formula smelling so nice, you will want to keep it around for as long as possible." Read Bryanna's full review here.

Bloomtown Face Mask

 Image credit: Bryanna, The Ecological

So that concludes the top 10 green beauty brands discovered in 2018, as chosen by The Natural Beauty Box subscribers. There were so many more fantastic brands featured though, wish I had the time to write about them all.

2018 was such a fantastic year for The Natural Beauty Box with 12 amazing boxes produced featuring some of the best natural, ethical, vegan friendly skincare and beauty brands around from the UK! There were some fantastic themes and collaborations and you can expect more amazing new discoveries during 2019 and new exciting themes and collaborations too.

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Thanks for reading. 

Take care, Emma xxx 

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