World Bamboo Day 2021 - Spread The Word to Plant Bamboo

Today is World Bamboo Day! (18th September)

Giant Panda eating bamboo, World Bamboo Day 2021

Here are some interesting facts about bamboo:

  • It makes up 99% of the Giant Panda's diet.
  • Bamboo can grow 3 feet tall in just 24 hours and full size in 3-5 years in the right conditions.
  • Bamboo has a greater tensile strength than steel so can be used in construction.
  • All parts of the plant can be used and has such a wide range of uses including construction, fabrics, clothing, furniture, utensils, toothbrushes, straws, in deodorant, food and medicines, charcoal, paper, pulp and more!
  • Due to its rapid growth, a grove of bamboo captures up to 4 times as much carbon and releases 35% more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees.
  • Bamboo prevents soil erosion because of its extensive root systems.
This year, the focus on World Bamboo Day is to #plantbamboo. The United Nations has declared 2021 - 2030 as the Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, and it is estimated that there is nearly 5 billion acres of deforestation and degraded land around the world waiting for us to breathe new life into it.

Due to the quick growth, adaptability, resilience and fantastic benefits mentioned above, Bamboo should definitely be considered for restoration projects around the world to help fight global warming and our climate emergency.

Spread the word to #PlantBamboo on #WorldBambooDay 


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